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Patient simulation - Clinical case reports

What is a Virtual Patient?

It is a simulation of a clinical situation in which, as a user, you play the role of a doctor, and the patient is an intelligent computer program. With the help of the Virtual Patient, you learn how to conduct a medical interview and physical examination and also which additional tests should be obtained to confirm the diagnosis and implement appropriate treatment.

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What elements are involved in Simulated Patient

Medical history

  • A well-conducted interview is the first step toward a correct diagnosis, so it is crucial to learn how to conduct it from the beginning of a medical career. You can do it with us!

  • In the beginning, you may not even know what to ask - a huge database of questions gathered in our system will allow you to remember professional phrases and practice them while talking to a virtual patient.

  • When a virtual patient reports something abnormal, you will deepen the interview by asking further, more detailed questions.


Physical examination

  • In Medcases, patient examination resembles reality - you can examine the virtual patient in any possible way.

  • Examine by sight, hearing, touch and percussion. A neurological examination is also available, which is an addition to the above mentioned methods.

Additional tests

  • We carry them out to perform a differential diagnosis and confirm the final diagnosis. With us, you will learn which tests to order so that they bring diagnostic value and do not introduce unnecessary chaos.

  • Choose from a wide list of additional tests: imaging, laboratory, microbiological or specialized.

  • Some tests, in addition to the description, contain photos or audio files.

  • Each test has its specific monetary value, thanks to which you will better find yourself in the real costs of diagnostics.



  • After a thorough examination of the virtual patient, the nextstep is to make a correct diagnosis.

  • To treat, you have to know the diagnosis.Review the patient's card, where you will find all the information gathered and make the diagnosis! We keep our fingers crossed.

  • Choose from a list of diseases marked with ICD10 codes - getting used to them will be helpful in your future medical career.


  • The correct diagnosis is only a part of success. The most important thing is to relieve the virtual patient from their suffering.

  • Order the proper medication at the correct dose, route and administration time.

  • In summary, you will find out whether your treatment is consistent with the one we proposed and the most important thing - whether your patient felt better!

Good Luck!



case report summary


This is a real mine of knowledge about yourVirtual Patient. You will learn what you have done correctly and which elements need to be refined.

Knowledge and Discussion

This is where you will read the comment of the case author. In this section, you can discuss any issue with them and other Medcases users. Remember, you will better understand by teaching others. Take advantage of this opportunity.
Easy to use, on any device
The sky is the limit! Use the Medcases application anywhere on Earth, regardless of the device you own.

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What are the benefits of learning on a Virtual Patient?

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