Where did the idea come from?

Because practice matters

"Medcases is our answer to the lack of tools allowing young doctors to practice crucial skills in their daily medical practice, i.e., interviewing the patient, examining, interpreting medical tests, and making diagnoses.

As medical professionals, we have experienced the problem of insufficient training in practical skills during studying at university.

To improve this situation, we have created a medical application where medical students and young doctors can interview, examine, diagnose and treat a virtual patient without risk for actual patients." - Mariusz Kurman MD, CEO MedIT Solutions
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What is this?

Benefits of Medcases University

Our application provides a safe and risk-free environment for medical professionals to practice and perfect essential skills without risking harm to actual patients.
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Unique medical database

We're dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date medical database possible. Our platform offers over 1,500 medical scenarios from various medical fields, all available for use at the university at no cost.

The freedom of creation

We offer a comprehensive and user-friendly case builder with free access to over 5,000 symptoms, tests, diagnoses, drugs, and procedures.

Easy planning

Medcases University makes it easy to create lessons, prep tests, and exams - our AI-powered platform will help you plan and organize classes, allowing your students to reach the height of their skills and achieve the best results.


Your students will be better prepared for daily medical practice.

Incorporating our platform into your university's curriculum will better prepare your students to succeed on their final exams.

Preparing students to work effectively in health care

We equip students with various tools to help them gain the knowledge and skills they will need in their daily professional practice.

Innovativeness of teaching at the university

Our platform is specifically designed to enhance the learning experience for students and provide valuable support for educators, helping your university to be recognized as a forward-thinking and student-centered institution.
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Preparation of students for exams

Medcases University provides an easy way to conduct classes and examinations. In our user-friendly platform, you gain access to all the materials you need and move seamlessly between functionalities.

A unique database of medical knowledge

Our platform enables educators to create a dynamic and interactive learning experience for students, improving their performance and motivation while reducing the amount of effort required from teachers, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks.

Student progress control

Our platform's analytics tools provide detailed information on student performance and progress, allowing educators to better match class topics to individual needs and skill levels and make informed decisions about their teaching strategies.


Predictive analysis

Our analytics panel is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into student capabilities and performance, enabling educators to better understand progress and tailor instruction to meet individual needs.

Preparing students to work in health care

Our platform provides real-life interactive clinical cases, and an extensive knowledge base that covers a wide range of medical topics. This ensures that students are well-prepared to deal with the challenges they'll face in their clinical practice.

Better understanding of the diagnosis process

Our app is specifically designed to provide valuable assistance to students in the diagnostic and therapeutic course of action. It offers a comprehensive understanding of appropriate and inappropriate actions, helping students make informed decisions that lead to better patient outcomes.

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